My Living Note

You are walking in a park on a glorious Sunday morning.

You see someone seated on a park bench

They are looking forlorn, unloved, unhappy 

Hopelessness, helplessness, & worthlessness abound

You inch closer. The person on the park bench is you.
There's nobody else around.

It is up to you to provide love and support.

If you could write a love letter to yourself, what would you say? 

Make it intimate, you know yourself best, don't hold back.

I love me because...

This #SuicidePreventionMonth, write a living note to yourself and join in celebrating the 2021 theme -- "Creating Hope through Action."


How to participate?

Here is some writing prompts:

The idea of writing love letters, or #TheLivingNote, is to show people the power of their thoughts and words.


When you reframe, you're instilling more power back into yourself. You're thinking and putting energy towards something that feels better.


Write a personal note to yourself . You can stay anonymous and also choose to submit one or more note


Submit the letter(s) here and follow us on

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You can choose to get your letter published on our IG Page. Don't forget to repost with #MyLivingNote and tag us

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Want inspiration?

Get started with these prompts: I love myself because...

a. I know what I went through to get to this moment

b. I am kind, generous, and caring

c. I never let my bullies pull me down

d. My setbacks and failures were fuel for my journey

e. I am my own best friend

A Gallery of Living Notes

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